By Jennifer Maerz

Luxury condos that try to ascribe a lifestyle to their tenants are already ridiculous, but with its lofty language selling its pricy living spaces, Nema has become too easy of a parody target in this city. It has even inspired a satirical riff off its Twitter account, Enema Lux ApartmentsVanishingSF posted an image this morning of a reconfigured real estate map of San Francisco from the Nema site – one that renames The Castro as "Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights." Now we're all for getting silly with neighborhood names, but nobody puts The Castro in the corner. 

Nixing the Castro is just one of the many creative re-christenings on the Nema site. See also: there's no Chinatown here – just Russian Hill fading into North Beach fading into Telegraph Hill. And for those who love Fisherman's Wharf, sorry, that's just the North Waterfront. Perhaps the company should consider changing its name from "Made in San Francisco" to "Re-Making San Francisco," one map at a time – or hell, hire us to make some maps, we love doing that kinda stuff.