By Sarah Han

One of the perks of working at TBI HQ is we're really close to the massive Goodwill at the corner of South Van Ness and Mission. Yeah, it's true, the warehouse at this location once had a bedbug problem, but the stuff in that Goodwill is so good I've held onto my awesome thrift finds despite my bedbug fear. So I was REALLY bummed to hear that the Goodwill HQ is currently under contract to be sold to housing developer Related California and the City of San Francisco. According to Curbed, the 2.3 acre building has the "capacity to hold up to 600 units – it has room for a 500,000 square foot, two-building complex and has been zoned for up to 320 feet in height along South Van Ness, 250 feet on the corner of South Van Ness and Mission and 85 feet along most of Mission." The city's role in the buy is yet to be seen, but Related California has already built a ton of residential projects around the city. It's very probable that there'll soon be cranes building more high-rise condos where we once had a beloved thrift store.  

Photo by Jeremy Brooks via Flickr