Hello Bold Italic faithful!

My name is George McIntire and I am your new editorial intern. Chances are if you’re reading this, we’ve probably been at the same Public Works show together, biked side-by-side on The Wiggle, and waited in the same food truck line. We’re pretty much friends already.

Last week, I celebrated the two-year anniversary of the best decision of my life: moving to San Francisco. Before moving up here I lived the blasé Silver Lake hipster life where I freelanced for the LA Times in between lounging around my various spots on the Los Angeles Eastside. Looking back I’m almost aghast that I used to be a staunch Angeleno evangelist. Now, I firmly believe SF>LA on almost everything except beaches, secret invite-only Hollywood screenings, and baseball (I was born and raised a Dodgers fan, sorry.)

I’m a journalist/writer/blogger/internet content-smith by trade. Specifically I like to refer to myself as a swiss-army knife journalist because I cover a wide range of topics. I’ve done long-form reporting on labor issues, profiles on rappers, and cheeky humor stories.

And now for the important stuff:

Favorite bar: Dear Mom

Favorite $10> burrito: La Cumbre

Favorite $10< burrito: Puerto Alegre

Favorite beer: Anchor Steam

Favorite coffee: Ritual

Favorite vista: Bernal Heights Hill.

If you ever feel like saying hi, email me at geo.mcintire@gmail.com or tweet me @georgemcint.