If, like us, you have a serious case of Friday brain right now, do we have a treat for you: a photo of Oscar-winning actor (and musician) Jared Leto, sitting around in a circle of long-hairs in the courtyard of Stable Cafe. The photo was taken by a stealth friend of ours. YOU'RE WELCOME, FRIDAY.

This visit comes the same week that we heard about Ryan Gosling eating at State Bird Provisions, Taylor Swift possibly buying a home here, and Don Johnson speaking at the Castro Theatre about his new movie (Nash Bridges in the house. That last one was just for me). I mean, really, it's like San Francisco suddenly became Los Angeles for one sweet week, without all the stuff about LA we don't like.

P.S. Best part of the photo is really the woman at the next table over, just blatantly staring. Which I would totally be doing too.