Full House Recut as a Horror Movie

May 12, 2014 at 12pm


By Carolina Quijano

As the title of this video suggests, you may never look at Full House the same way again. Some brilliant person with a little too much time on their hands cut together a few of the creepiest scenes from the iconic San Francisco sitcom and set it to dark, haunting music. The result? A scarring horror trailer of one of your favorite childhood shows, one spooky enough to incite nightmares and a healthy fear of Danny Tanner. And of course, no Full House montage would be complete without Uncle Jesse and his incredible mullet. (I know, I was sad when he cut it off, too.)

If you liked this creepy version of Full House, you'll probably love (re-watching) this horror trailer of another San Francisco favorite, Mrs. Doubtfire.

Via: World Star Hip Hop