By Wendy Steiner

It's easy to assume that San Francisco is a super dense urban area similar to other big cities, but actually we have a relatively low population density here, mainly because housing is very limited. If you've looked for somewhere to live in the last decade, you've probably already noticed that fact.

The collective sigh at the current housing crunch here inspired David Baker Architects' team to explore what the city would look like if there was enough housing for everyone. They mocked up nine block sections of the city to demonstrate what they think is possible to build in San Francisco. 

We're all familiar by now with the argument that high rises are one way to make more housing available and get rents down to more reasonable prices, but these mockups include other options – such as including more six-story buildings that are equally interesting and possibly more viable than skyscrapers because they don't change the city's skyline and architectural character. I'm not sure that six-story buildings are the perfect answer, but it's interesting to think about what's possible.

Images courtesy of David Baker Architects

Via: Fast Co. Design