By Jessica Saia

Because I know everyone still loves a good time lapse, here is Simon Christen's brand new video of the fog doing its dry-ice-looking thing over San Francisco. I've posted two of his previous videos; The Unseen Sea and Adrift, which he spent years and countless excursions to the tops of Bay Area hills in order to capture the footage. A Time Lapse Collection is a medley of his favorite shots that didn't make it into the first two films, as well as some mesmerizing traffic-shots from our two bridges that make lane-changing look like SUCH a bad idea.

I should add that Dubai makes a cameo, because I didn't know that and was really confused about when they built these INSANE buildings into the SF skyline. But no, that's Dubai. 


For more behind-the-scenes info, here is a Q&A I did with Simon back in the day.