The island suburb of Alameda is a DeLorean ride through pop culture’s past. It’s home to a remarkable number of establishments that revel in erstwhile eras and retro recreation. If you want to open a massive 1920s-themed restaurant complete with flapper servers – like the forthcoming Capone’s Speakeasy – you look to Alameda. The city that introduced us to the popsicle and Skippy peanut butter originally served as a getaway for wealthy San Franciscans who frolicked at Neptune Beach amusement park and built mansions that would make our Painted Ladies weep. Today its landscape reads like a timeline of pop iconography. So power up the flux capacitor and chart your course with our fun, nostalgia-fueled map.

High Scores Arcade 

1414 Park Street

Be the king of Kong at this newly recreated ‘80s arcade with a jukebox bumpin’ Buckner & Garcia and a pristine collection of 45 classic games, including Tron, Crystal Castles, and Punch-Out!

Pacific Pinball Museum

1510 Webster Street

Flip out at this paean to pinball filled with art, exhibits, and the metallic jangles, clanks, and buzzing of 90 playable pinball machines from the 1940s through the present.

Toy Safari

1410 Park Street

Entering this wonder world crammed with new and used toys feels like stepping into your parents’ attic and rediscovering childhood treasures like E.T. dolls, Pac-Man accoutrements, and a galaxy of Star Wars figures.

Alameda Theatre 

2317 Central Avenue

Catch the original Godzilla or a first-run flick at this grand Art Deco palace built in 1932 by Timothy Pflueger, the architect who designed San Francisco’s Castro Theatre and Oakland’s Paramount.

Alameda Point Antiques Faire

2900 Navy Way

The largest antiques show in Northern California is set on a former naval airstrip with a sweeping view of the bay and an impossible collection of vintage décor, clothing, and furniture. It happens on the first Sunday of every month.

Juniper Tree Vintage

1320 Park Street

Don your best Holly Golightly – or Rusty Trawler – with a midcentury makeover at this boutique that stocks exceptional vintage clothing from the 1940s to 1970s.

Subpar Miniature Golf

1511 Park Street

The theme for your next birthday party can be what you did on your tenth birthday at this 18-hole indoor mini-golf course, arcade, and massive slot car racetrack.

Forbidden Island

1304 Lincoln Avenue

Glowing glass floats, bamboo huts, and puffer fish mugs swimming with rum summon the gods at this modern iteration of a postwar tiki bar

Ole’s Waffle Shop

1507 Park Street

“Since 1927” means vintage neon on the outside and thick white porcelain coffee mugs on the inside at this perennial Park Street breakfast spot.