By Tamara Palmer

It should be no surprise that frozen treats are popular in the Bay Area – where Popsicles were created over 90 years ago. San Francisco is feeling like the surface of the sun right now, but sweet relief can be found in a cup or on a stick. Here’s where to find the best in ice cold treats:

Paletas Hechas en Casa by Nopalito

The 306 Broderick street location of the organic Mexican restaurant (which is also in the Inner Sunset) announces its housemade pops via a decorative pushcart outside. A separate to-go entrance around the corner means you can be in and out of here in a flash with a treat in hand. Dark chocolate with cinnamon is the standard choice, supplemented by rotating offerings such as strawberry, lime sherbet, and cafe con leche.

Taiwanese Snow Ice at 37 Degrees Dessert Cafe

Known in Taiwan as xue hua bing ("snowflake ice"), this is an ultimate fast food dish that approaches meltdown status in mere moments. Columns of ice in flavors like green tea, chocolate, and mango are cut into impressively tiny shreds and thin ribbons by a rotary blade, then doused in sweet sauces and toppings. Because the ice is so delicate, there’s almost zero chance of brainfreeze. (No website, 1155 Taraval Street)

Ice lollies from Twirl and Dip truck

Owner Meg Hilgartner uses juices and coconut as the base for her round pops, which she offers in rotating flavors from a lineup that includes adventurous ideas like grapefruit Riesling, watermelon with white pepper, and lime cucumber. They are practically the size of a newborn’s head, a more than satisfying portion that will last you through a long stroll through Golden Gate Park, where the truck is most often found.

Popsicles by Bi-Rite Creamery

You would be forgiven for not knowing that Bi-Rite makes wonderful popsicles since most people typically go there for soft serve ice cream or a crazy sundae. Local organic fruit is used for these beauties, offered in rotating flavors like blood orange, lime blackberry, and satsuma tangerine at both the 18th St. and Divis locations.

Popsicles by Fat Face

This pop star travels to the city’s Off The Grid Fort Mason event each Friday night from Davis, a town that knows a thing or three about hot weather. Check out the Fat Face tent for wacky flavors like chicken and waffles, bacon butter pecan, and Thai tea with sweet potato.

Top photo of Twirl and Dip; bottom photo of Fat Face popsicle by FlickrSmashZ