The Bold Italic is looking for new freelance photographers to work with. So if your brain-cup overfloweth with good ideas, it could be YOU that we're seeking, and when we find each other, we will do an email-version of running towards each other through a meadow in slow motion. (In a totally professional, non-romantic way.)

These days, we have enough photographers who shoot on-assignment, so the best way to start working with us is to pitch ideas for projects you'd like to do. We tend to pass on anything that's too straightforward, like covering a new restaurant, street style, or profiles of individuals. Instead, we're looking for photographers with conceptual ideas, even if they need some support in the execution. 

Successful pitches usually fall under one of these categories:


Rare Look


Photo Cliches with a Twist

If you have ideas for projects you'd like to collaborate with us on (and yes, we pay), or if you have finished projects that seem like a good fit for us, email pitches and a link to your portfolio to