By Jessica Saia

Last night was one of those magical, leave-the-house-without-a-jacket kind of nights in San Francisco; and to top it all off,  there was a really awesome full moon. Whereas last month's Blood Moon seemed to seriously F up everyone's S, (everyone I know seems to have had a strikingly shitty April), this moon seems to have some pretty good vibes! You know, if you're into moon stuff.

Gary Yost took some footage of last night's moon rising over the Golden Gate Bridge from near the Point Bonita Lighthouse, and sped it up 10x. It's a beautiful thing to watch if you have exactly one minute. The music is a little cray, so feel free to mute your computer, or perhaps synch up REM's "Man on the Moon" while you watch it. Or don't, do whatever you want! I'm not the mayor of your ears.