Update: Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory has written an apology to Jessica Urbina and her family here. TLDR: Jessica's picture will be included in the school's yearbook and the school is currently writing a new senior portrait policy.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory School wouldn't include senior Jessica Urbina's photo in its yearbook because she wore a tux and bow tie in her photo. The school's dress code (the Archdiocese of San Francisco’s policy) says that female students must wear dresses in their portraits. Urbina's friends and classmates decided that was ridiculous and went to school in bow ties to stand in solidarity with her.

You can see some of the support for Urbina's style on Twitter under #JessicasTux. And a statement from school officials said they would work to change the dress policy. Urbina's brother told CBS Local that their family is meeting with Sacred Heart to discuss a resolution. Here's hoping for a happy ending.


Photo courtesy of Michael Urbina and Jessica Urbina's Facebook

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