The first ever Women in Industrial Design Show is coming to this year's SF Design Week on June 14. The event aims to highlight the work of female industrial designers at all different levels and will include a panel discussion. I asked the event's organizer (who's also the design lead at Crave) Ti Chang some questions about the upcoming showcase.

Why do you think we hear so little about women industrial designers?

This is a great question – I believe women tend to be great team players, so much so that they go unmentioned and unrewarded for the work they’ve done. It's important to highlight them and create opportunities to for them to be recognized.

Ortho Dialpak by Martha Davis

Could you describe the meet up group you formed in SF?

The meet up group is an informal way to connect women IDers in the city. It is casual and fun, sometimes it's educational, and sometimes it's just an afterwork happy hour. I think most of the attendees are surprised to meet so many women in the city who are also industrial designers. I couldn’t believe it myself. Our group went from just a few ladies to over 70 members within a year.

Aether Cone - Casper Asmussen: Principal Designer, Amina Horozic: Senior Industrial Designer, Mika Nenonen: Senior Industrial Designer

What has been the response to your event?

In addition to the applicants to the show, I received many supportive emails from women all over the country telling me how glad they are to see a show like this. Many have said that they felt alone in their ID pursuits – women often find themselves surrounded by teams of men at their work – and are thrilled at the opportunity to meet like minds.

Yosemite Collection by Angie Kim

What do you hope to achieve by helping with this event?

I hope that we can help provide an opportunity for talented designers to shine. It's great to see the gamut of capable designers given the spotlight. It also helps a younger generation of designers to have role models to learn from.

Willo Prototype by Kellee Kimbro

How can people get involved?

Anyone can attend the show! Get your early bird tickets here or purchase a ticket for $15 at the door. We are also looking for volunteers to help with setup/take down, so if anyone is interested in the behind the scenes of putting together a show and connecting with fabulous designers, please email me at! 

Top photo "Join" by Rebecca Finell