I love letters. I love playing with my food and spelling out crap with my pretzels. One Thursday afternoon I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to make myself do this every day? – and #alphabetcha was born. The challenge was to work my way through the alphabet by making or finding a letter every day that I would then post on Instagram.

Friends started playing along, and all of a sudden people I didn’t know were making letters and using the hashtag. I refreshed that damn hashtag so many times a day, just to see the new posts. By letter C, I became obsessed with seeing letters everywhere – there were Ts in the sidewalk, Bs in sunglasses, and Hs in shadows. There is something about having to do one small creative challenge daily that makes you see the world differently.

See all the #alphabetchas here, and start making your own letters!

Thanks to all who contributed, your creativity was inspiring and contagious.