By Taylor Reid

With all the talk of high rents, gentrification, and the other crap going down in our city these days, it's a refreshing break to take a step back and look at the good stuff going on too. The Bold Italic office headed over to Project Open Hand last week to help out for an afternoon in its kitchen and grocery center. Project Open Hand is a well-oiled organization, relying on 125 volunteers daily. It's always actively recruiting, which means you can help too.

If you haven't heard of the organization before, Project Open Hand was started in 1985 by a retired grandmother who saw a need to feed healthy and nutritious meals to her seven neighbors with AIDS. (Read the full history on its website.) Today, Project Open Hand serves 2,500 meals daily, along with 200 bags of groceries. As someone who volunteered for just one afternoon, it's pretty inspiring to see the dedication and love that transformed seven meals into 2,500 meals.

Last year they received 97,002 hours of volunteer hours, that's $1.5 million in labor just at minimum wage. 

Project Open Hand is growing and expanding. Working with UCSF, it's studying the effects that food plays in treating illnesses. POH is aiming to grow enough to provide not just one, but three meals per day, to their clients who are critically ill.

Last year Project Open Hand received 97,002 hours of volunteer hours. That's $1.5 million in labor just at minimum wage. You can help increase that number, volunteering for a weekly shift, or on a one-time basis. Every hour helps this organization feed and nourish our community. 

All details for volunteer opportunities, contact information and hours can be found here