Video-Whoa: Whale Hitting Paddle Boarder Off OB

May 21 at 12pm


I'd heard that there were whale sightings off Ocean Beach last week – Mike Lane gives us proof, with a reggae-lite soundtrack – with this insane video that shows him getting knocked by a whale while he's chilling and selfie-ing on a paddle board. The first two and a half minutes of the clip show this stoked bro paddling out into the waters beyond Ocean Beach and Fort Point. If you want to get to the juicy bits, skip to the 2:35 mark, where the whales first make an appearance, and then around 3 minutes, one gets real fucking close. 

But the climax comes in around 4:37, when the giant, awesome creature knocks up into Lane – a bump that he shows from different angles. That's around the time I'd grab that can of Dos Equis off the board and GTFO. 

[Via SFWeekly/RichmondSFblog

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