Hero image by Amanda Richards

By Jessica Saia

Pigeons: when they're not walking really slowly three centimeters in front of my foot, or aggressively trying to get their wings into my coworker Ellen's mouth, they're being SECRETIVE AS HELL about their children. Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? You haven't. And if this is the first time it's dawned on you that you've never seen one, I'd love to know what it is you think about all day, if not pidge-toddlers.

In fact, baby pigeons are so intensely mysterious, that they are the very first autofill suggestion when Googling "why do you never see...". The first!

After some intense internet research, I've discovered that baby pigeons basically look like Big Bird's testicles, but with eyes. I've also discovered a weird desire to give this first one a tiny comb over:

Photo: Maria Widjaja

Photo: Leena J

Photo: Babi Krishna

Photo: Emily Raw

Photo: Nottsexminer

Photo: Paul Kohler

Photo: Philippa Willittis

Like an adult pigeon, but with chest hair.

The more you know!

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