By Margaux Poupard

Who doesn’t share the opinion that Bill Murray is, by and large, The Man? He’s like pizza, great no matter the occasion. From Murray’s classic flicks to his infamous off-screen antics, he may never crash your bachelor party, but if you’ve been dreaming of wall-to-wall Bill Murray art, here's some good news: Ezra Croft, the mind behind the Nicolas Cage-centric art show last month, is at it again and this time his muse is good old Bill himself. The tribute show, awesomely titled "The Murray Affair," is currently taking submissions from artists on a local and national level, who find themselves doodling portraits of Steve Zissou in their spare time.

In preparation for the August 8th show at Public Works SF, Croft’s been scouring Instagram and Tumblr in order to create a “dynamic narrative of amazing art,” which highlight Bill Murray in all his glory. It’s expressed in the fine print for artists who submit that the art must depict Murray in a positive light – as if there’s another light you could cast him in anyway.

If the grassroots effort to promote the Nic Cage show were any indicator, the lead up to "The Murray Affair" will surely get weird. Croft hints at the possibility of “10-foot-high Bill Murray heads? Hmm, probably.” And the event itself is a must for any Murray-addict; besides Public Works getting taken over by Bill Murray’s face, there will be Caddyshack-themed drinks and mini-golf. Nice touch – golf clap.

Croft is calling all local fans, it being a San Francisco event and all, to contribute via the site. And if you’re like me and your Bill Murray admiration doesn’t necessarily equate artist ability, just make sure you check out "The Murray Affair" on August 8th at Public Works.

Artwork by Dan Toro, Sean Gammon, Eric Sokoloff, and Ryan Ornsby; all images courtesy of Ezra Croft

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