By Jessica Saia

When it comes to SF's trademark fog, I think we're all pretty confident that temperature and currents are involved, but beyond that, the details are a little foggy (had to). But fog facts are fun! I remember being blown away to learn that Divisadero St. is the dividing line between the foggy west part of SF and the sunny east side. I was all, "Oh, duh, like, division. It makes so much sense!" (That's actually not why Divis is called Divis, but still.) 

This awesome slideshow by Newsbound breaks down all the unique reasons SF fog is the way it is. If you're into the science of things, or into just knowing about stuff, it's pretty interesting (and sad to hear that Karl might not be around in a couple decades.) If you hate science and would rather know nothing about anything, DON'T click on it, it will only upset you.