UPDATE: This is interesting. It looks like Warner Music Group forced Youtube to remove the video – a video shot in public at a giant venue. 

I'll admit, the only time I've really watched Bruno Mars was during the Super Bowl, when he was wedged on a TV somewhere between my beer and the guac. But his performance last night at the Oracle Arena in Oakland was much more entertaining – especially halfway into this video clip, where he proves that you can play a huge sporting event and fill a stadium, but you can't force a girl to bend to your will if she just doesn't want to dance with you, dude.

This clip by MrWakask, first posted by Tamara Palmer over at NBC Bay Area, is juiciest around the 2:25 minute mark, where a girl at the front of the stage shuts Mars down not once but twice – because she was shy, or because she doesn't like him like that, or because...whatever, it's her call here. 

After a long buildup, Mars asks the girl, "What's your name sweetheart?" and she lets him know she isn't interested. Mars responds with: "Didn't you see us at the Super Bowl? What?" And then again offers her a place on stage next to him. So she shoots him down again – and the crowd boos, and he says he'll sing a little something for her anyway. "It goes a little something like this," he croons, "FUCK you. It's just a show, you're supposed to say yes." This turns into a two-minute smiling meltdown by a dude who seems to be something of a grenade after all. 

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