By Margaux Poupard

Endlessly swiping through Tinder will sometimes yield unsatisfactory results but, what if the selfies of semi-eligible singles were pictures of adorable (adoptable) dogs? For potential new dog owners there’s BarkBuddy, a new app that wants to match you up with your new furry BFF.

The company behind monthly doggie goodie boxes (BarkBox) and on-demand vet services (BarkCare), Bark & Co took the user-friendly Tinder format you might be familiar with to help bridge the various gaps in adoption. BarkBox saves you some time when it comes to breed research and also prevents you from walking out of the shelter with literally all of the dogs. 

On the app, you set the preferences for your search by filtering for: age, size, sex, and activity level. Then, BarkBuddy uses your geolocation to aggregate data from shelters and rescue organizations closest to you (they currently list around 300,000 “single” dogs). And boom! PetFinder populates your "MatchMaker" section where,  just like Tinder, you swipe left or right depending on your level of interest. Which begs the question, how could you ever swipe left?!?!

Even if you're only playing around with BarkBuddy, you'll quickly find out which breeds you're subconsciously gravitating towards with their stats tab. You can also forward listing to your Facebook friends or start a "daily AWWW" email chain. 

Sorry cat people, it’s currently only available for dogs and on iPhones; it’s free though! But if Bark & Co’s mission is to reach new pet-enthusiasts and support good shelters, I’m sure we’ll be seeing MeowPal in the near future.

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