In the spirit of our running humor lists about "shit you hear when you live here," we invited those who proudly wear their San Francisco birth certificates on their sleeves to tell us what we should include on a list of Things Native San Franciscans Say. Below are our favorite answers culled from you, witty natives. Of course, feel free to keep the list going in the comments section. – Jennifer Maerz

"Hella" is both an adjective and a synonym for "yes.”

When did the Mission turn into a circus?

I graduated from McAteer High School.

We use to have kegs at The Grove every weekend.

I smoke chewy like a mutha fuckin nut.

Remember having breakfast at Woolworth’s cafe?

What the fuck happened to the Fillmore?

I’m not about to hype it to Berkeley.

It's Port-a-la District (pronunciation that is), not Portola.

You can recycle that.

It's totally the best vegan mac and cheese recipe ever.

Shorts during summer? They must be tourists.

I remember when Giants tickets were $5 at Candlestick.

I think my uncle may have been the Zodiac Killer.

Valencia is pronounced "Valen-sha," not "Valen-cee-ah."

Bi-Rite? Humphry Slocombe? No. Polly Ann's is the true San Francisco ice cream experience.

Yeah, I used to see them at The Stone.

Is it the 3rd Wednesday or 4th Thursday for street cleaning?

I missed the last BART and got stuck in Oakland.

Turn left on Army.

Do you think my car can fit there?

You can’t take a left on this one-way.

Yeah, I used to see them at Mission Recs.

My pot connection moved to Russian River.

Yes, you should always bring your coat.

It's too hot. I miss the fog.

"Where are the hills?" (when visiting another city).

Lindy in the park or salsa in The Mission? 

The view from Heroin Hill is quite lovely.

It's not NOPA, it's the Western Addition.

Yeah, I used to see them at the Cocodrie.

If you want sun, just drive 10 miles.

Don't give me no bammer weed.

I'm craving lumpia, or al pastor – or no, actually, I want some Peking duck.

I walked the Bay to Breakers when it was a race.

Did that transplant just ask where WE came from? Oh hell no. 

My AC in my car broke, but I never use it anyway.


Photo by Victorgrigas