By Jennifer Maerz

Once again, it's a good day to take any kind of transportation to work except Muni. Drivers are continuing their sickout to protest their latest labor contract (remember, it's not a strike, they're not allowed to do that; and as SFGate noted, "A memo e-mailed to employees and posted in yards warned workers who had called in sick that they will need doctors' notes to get paid.") According to SFGate, that means a second day of 400-500 Muni buses out of service. There will be 100 more buses on the road today than yesterday, but considering how many people take public transit that still sounds like a huge mess for commuters. 

Like yesterday, BART will be honoring Muni passes in San Francisco and Daly City. (If you do this, you should talk to the station agent rather than just tagging a Clipper card, advises the SFMTA). The SFMTA warns of hour-long delays and lots of crowding across the board. Underground trains will try to cram people into two cars, and some regular bus lines won't be in service (1AX/BX, 31AX/BX, 38AX/BX, 16X, 88). For more specifics from the SFMTA, check out today's press release

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[Via SFGate, image from Thinkstock]