By Crystal Vielula

As San Francisco changes, the city's innovators, artists, weirdos, revolutionaries, and radical thinkers are at risk of being pushed out. For years there have been individuals that I’ve seen around town who captured my imagination. This project, Drawn From the City, became an excuse to find out about their lives through interviews, documenting the cultural life-blood of the city. 

Sunshine, the Tenderloin Princess 

Favorite Spot:  The Boom Boom Room is my favorite place. For me music is my church. As a native San Franciscan I can think of no better place, crazy shit happens there. I’ve heard music so good there it made me feel like I was an ice cube melting in a sweet tea on a warm summer day.  It’s where I met all of my friends.  

Favorite Neighborhood: I like so much of the city. I really like the Tenderloin. It’s dirty and it’s nasty and it’s gross but it’s where I live. And it’s central, I can walk everywhere and there are always cabs and places open. Before I moved [to the Tenderloin] I partied a lot, and now I just don’t do that because I walk outside and I see this Sodom and Gomorrah.  

Occupation:  I’m a diva princess unicorn; I’m vice president of awesomeness at all of my jobs. I do PR and manage the tie-dye shop Jammin on Haight.  I also write a blog called Diaries of a Tenderloin Princess.   

I think I have about 80 of these dresses. Dressing like I do helps me in the Tenderloin because people just don’t mess with me. 

When I'm at work in the Haight, I glitter bomb. I have found it most effective with the street kids to get them to leave my corner. I toss glitter on them when they pass out on the bench across the street. If I am going to stare at their butt crack, it’s going to be a sparkly ass crack. 

Style inspiration: The city is probably what inspires me. It’s my icon.  

My mom always wore dresses when I was growing up. I feel it’s ladylike for me and it fits my body. I found this lady who makes them perfect for me. She came up with a dress that fits my ass and I have a small waist.  I call it a Sunny Princess Dress, I wear one every day. I think I have about 80 of these dresses. Dressing like I do helps me in the Tenderloin because people just don’t mess with me. 

What do you like about the city? I’m a princess in the city. I love San Francisco. I get all of the music and culture I need here. I like the historical aspects of the city and I can get lost in the architecture. Also I don’t stick out here – I mean, I’m sure I do, but I don’t because there are just as many individuals here and it’s encouraged, instead of in other places where people are like, “What is going on with you?” In the city, they are just like “word" – it’s one of those acceptance things.   

Check back in next Tuesday for more Drawn from the City.