By Margaux Poupard

In the trend of fake-sounding national holidays you should care about, there is one that should have your attention: National Donut Day. Take that Canada!

Today, and generally the first Friday of June every year, you’ve got an excuse to indulge in a delightful sugar coma, unless you’ve got unfortunate dietary restrictions. Then you can just donate to the Salvation Army, who founded the holiday. You see, in 1938 after WWI, Salvation Army went around handing out free doughnuts (that’s how they spelled it back then) to men and women who had served in the War. The tradition still stands, now extended down to the rest of us for just liking the darn things so much. Sure, those suckers will get your blood sugar levels to spike to unhealthy levels, but sometimes you gotta give yourself a little bad-for-you goodness anyway.

To celebrate this special day, Krispy Kreme will be offering its OG glazed donuts today for free. Locally, you can get a free donut at DSF Clothing Company in Lower Haight, starting at 11:30 a.m. And quick calls to Bob’s in Nob Hill and Happy Donut in FIDI informs me that they’ll be making extra donuts to meet demands – not free, but always cheap, delicious options. In the East Bay, Doughnut Dolly in Oakland will be open until 8 p.m. (due to First Friday) and they’ll be stocked up for the holiday with edible, glittery donuts so you hopefully won’t come across the dreaded SOLD OUT chalkboard sign. If you’re of the vegan variety Pepples Donut Farm, located in the Ferry Building in SF, as well as in North Oakland on San Pablo Ave., is there for you. Pepples is also doubling down on its bounty so if you’ve never tried a vegan donut, do it. And finally, in Berkeley, Pyramid Alehouse is hosting a donut eating contest at 7 p.m. featuring beer-infused donuts!

True, the Bay Area is a little scant on the free-side of donuts, but this is a day founded on giving back. So treat yo’self and some lucky co-workers to some tasty donuts.  

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