Maybe I'm picky, or maybe I don't want to live in a walk-in-closet off of a husband and wife's master bedroom for $1200 a month ($1100 if I'm willing to do some house work). Either way, I haven't found a suitable place to live here in San Francisco. What I have found is an endless supply of poets-who-don't-even-know-its in the Craigslist Rooms & Shares section. 

So since I happen to have a lot of copy/paste experience, can count on my fingers, and am comfortable with social media platforms and multitasking, I was able to create these Rooms & Shares Haiku tweets, straight from the listings themselves.

Have a look:

all really like wine
we don't want some lazy ass
picks their butt all day

(Mission District)

20s to 30s
interested in startups
ok with bunk beds 

(SOMA/South Beach)

killer dining room
dishwasher, which is crucial
late-night Burger King 

(Inner Richmond)

co-op meets hippie commune 
we all work in tech 

(SOMA/South Beach)

trustworthy: don’t steal
we’re gay. you don’t have to be
gotta have a job 

(Castro/Upper Market)

24 year old
by far, the prettiest girl 
in the apartment

(Marina/Cow Hollow)

near bus lines: 1, 2,
3, 8X, 27,
30, 38  

(Downtown/Civic Center/Van Ness)

ganja is ok
we are pretty chill and cool
11 windows!! 

(SOMA/South Beach)

nice granite (I think) 
all the best grocery stores 
parking is a breeze 

(Oakland Rockridge/Claremont)

used to be a living room
420 friendly  

(Haight Ashbury)

and fairly messy flat at 
16th and Mission  

(Mission District)

rento espacio
en living room persona
no aga drama  

(Mission District)

Even if I never find an apartment, I've learned a lot from this experience, like that "happy house hunting!" has five syllables. Follow @roomsandshares for more.