By George McIntire

If you bike to work downtown, you might want to buy a second lock – or keep your bike inside.

This interactive map from Seismograph, which pinpoints all 813 reported bike thefts in the city from 2013, shows that downtown was overwhelmingly the favorite neighborhood for bike thieves in San Francisco. And the most popular spot for people to snag those wheels was along Market Street between 4th and 5th Streets. And if you're thinking those are all tourist bikes disappearing, you're wrong: if that were true then the Fisherman’s Wharf would have a giant red spot on it instead of a few dots.

Other grand theft bike hotspots in the city include the Ferry Building, 16th Street Mission BART, CCSF Ocean Campus, and San Francisco General Hospital in Potrero. It must suck extra hard to get out of the hospital only to find your bike stolen.

This handy map page also provides the "when" along with the "where" of stolen bikes. Seismograph published a bar graph of the most common times when thefts occur. The witching hour seems to be around 6 p.m., with noon and 8 p.m. tied for second as peak times to lose your bike. So if you’re working late downtown, make sure to check on your ride. Often.

Remember the best way to avoid losing your ride is to be informed. Check out these tips from the SF Bike Coalition on how to prevent bike thefts. And if your two-wheeled companion is ever taken from you, we got you covered.

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