By Sarah Han 

The bad news for commuters: The Muni sickout continues as contract negotiations between Muni management and labor continues. About 30% of Muni operators called in sick today. You probably still want to ride your bike or walk to work, if you can, just to avoid standing around forever or inside a smelly, crowded bus.

The good news for commuters: Muni service will be a little better today than the last two days. According to SFGate, although cable car service was canceled, "Buses and light-rail vehicles returned to their regular routes Wednesday." 

The sickout could continue through the end of the week, so be prepared for more bus delays and crowded underground service. As for negotiations, Transport Workers Union Local 250-A officials said on Tuesday that their workers had voted 1,198 to 47 against the proposed labor agreement that management offered them last Friday. This Saturday an arbitrator is scheduled to meet with both sides to resolve the dispute.

[Via: SFgate; image by prawnpie Flickr]

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