CONFIRMED: SF Traffic Sucks

Jun 06 at 4pm

Earlier this week SF Weekly cited a report that is awesome for people who think San Francisco traffic is the worst but have no proof. OK, so we're not the absolute worst, but we're close. The traffic study done by TomTom, a Dutch company that manufactures car navigation systems, listed SF as the second most traffic-y city in the US after Los Angeles. The findings were based on data collected from TomToms on the road. The company uses its database of traffic information to suggest alternate routes to users when roads are congested.

Some interesting findings include that San Francisco has a 34-minute delay for each hour driven during peak hours, which certainly feels like it's true and if you had a horrible time driving somewhere yesterday, it may be because Thursday nights are the most congested time to drive according to the report. You can see the full report including other cities here, but this is generally good to file under the "I freaking knew it!" folder in your brain.

Via: SF Weekly

Image via ThinkStock

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