You've heard about SF's tiny apartments, but the city might soon  have more miniature accommodations, this time in the form of a Mid-Market luxury micro hotel. According to ABC 7 News, "The development property is the Grant building at Market and 7th Street. It's been boarded up since 2011, after a failed attempt by the former owner to turn it into a night club and hostel." The property was recently purchased by Synapse Capital, and the real estate developer will work with London-based Yotel to convert what were once offices into a 200-room hotel. If that happens, it'll feature ultra-modern rooms that will measure about 170-square feet and be rented for around $170 a night. The micro hotel concept is getting compared to Japanese capsule hotels in size, although some random Japanese people that ABC interviewed (really, watch the video) think San Francisco's version look bigger and higher end.

As the SF Chronicle reported, Yotel will be the fourth new hotel project along Market Street, between Fifth and Seventh Streets. That section of Market is rapidly developing with luxury condos, office buildings, and other amenities, which co-exisit, for now, with the homeless population who also converge here.  

[Via ABC 7, SFGate; images via Yotel]

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