According to KTVU, cases of an antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea is spreading in the Bay Area. This Super Clap (my non-scientific name for it) originated on the West Coast in 2006, and possibly even San Francisco. This is very bad news, especially after looking at the results of The Bold Italic's recent condom survey, where 37% of participants said they sometimes use protection when having intercourse with someone new, and 5.9% said they never did; and 88.7% never use protection during oral sex. San Francisco's gonorrhea infection rate has gone up almost a third since 2008, and according to the 2012 STD Data Summaries taken by California Local Health Jurisdiction,  the most common carriers of gonorrhea are men in their 20s to mid-30s. Out of 2,480 reported cases, 2,256 affected were men and 214 were women.

These stats show that chlamydia is actually the most common sexually transmitted disease in San Francisco (and according to the CDC, in the country), at least in 2012, with 4,878 cases in SF. Chlamydia is apparently a more equal opportunity STD; 1,977 affected were women and 2,877 were men.

The latest report from the Department of Public Health explain that gay men and black teens are the highest demographic affected by gonorrhea, but really anyone who's having sex should be cautious; almost all STDs and STIs can be transmitted through vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Maybe you haven't heard about gonorrhea or chlamydia since your high school sex-ed class, but it doesn't mean they've disappeared – stay safe and keep yourself covered!

[Via: KTVU, SF Examiner; image via Thinkstock]

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