People's GreatIdeas recently posted 15 Best French Fries in America. It's true, People isn't known for food reviews, but I was interested because a) I love fries, b) you don't have to know anything about food to appreciate a good French fry, c) they enlisted two of my favorite TV chefs, Jacques Pepin and Eric Ripert, along with four other famous Franco chefs, for suggestions, and finally d) a San Francisco restaurant made the list at #3!

The SF winner is Aquitaine, a FiDi wine bar and bistro that serves recipes from southwest France. Apparently Eric Ripert was especially taken by the paprika-dusted spuds served with some mayo-y looking sauce. People quotes him saying, "These are homemade fries with a twist, They're topped with a spice that makes them so addictive." But what really needs to be noted is: They serve their fries in a wooden clog! It's like one day they ran out of plates and started using some of the decor lying around the restaurant and realized that they could get people to eat out of shoes and like it. Sneaky, Aquitaine. But I like it and will eat delicious fries out of your wooden clog any day. 

[Via: People/GreatIdeas; photo via Thinkstock]

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