In April, BART rolled out its "Fleet of the Future" train cars and invited the public to check them out in person and give their feedback. According to the East Bay Express, BART will hold another presentation to discuss that feedback and vote on design choices tomorrow; two of the most controversial design features are its proposed bike racks inside trains and its floor-to-ceiling "tripod" poles. Once a vote is made, assembly of the pilot cars will begin, which will start being used in 2015.

BART released some of the feedback it got and for the most part, people are generally happy with the proposed design – 95% are happy with the exterior appearance and even 82% are happy with the new blue and yellow color scheme (which a faction of 49ers fans still really hate). At the bottom of the list of new design features is the bike racks, with a 79% satisfaction rate. The main beef with the proposed bike racks come from both sides – some people think the racks, which accomodates three bikes per train, take up too much space (there will be four fewer seats in each car because of them); others think there isn't enough dedicated space for bikes in the new proposal. BART will decide on three alternatives for bikes on the new trains:

Read more feedback and analysis on the new design proposals here.

[Via: East Bay Express]

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