On June 12, 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court decided on Loving v. Virginia, the civil rights case that put an end to the prohibition of interracial marriage, which was illegal in 24 states in the country. To celebrate the anniversary of this landmark decision, PBS Black Culture Connection and Listserve created this informative infographic of Mildred and Richard Loving and several other couples who changed society's views on mixed-race relationships. The data spans time and geography from Yucatan in 1511 until 1966 in Botswana. Aside from looking at the cool graphic above, you'll want to visit the PBS page that gives more details about these couples as well as historical info that kinda blew my mind. For example, did you know that interracial marriage was still officially prohibited in Alabama until 2000?

Mixed-race relationships are so common these days, especially in places like the Bay Area. But this little history lesson is a good reminder about the struggles that people overcame to be with the people they love. And remember, it wasn't too long ago that the country was freaking out over that 2013 Cheerios commercial featuring a black and white couple and their adorable interracial kid. We've come a long way, but the fight isn't over yet.

[Via: PBS Black Culture Connection]