Locals aren't the only ones complaining about how expensive San Francisco's become – we're now the most expensive city to visit in the country, according to NBC Bay Area, so all our out of town friends can join the chorus as well. NBC Bay Area looked at data from TripAdvisor, which compared the cost of hotels, cocktails, taxis, and two-course dinners with wine across the country and we beat everyone, including New York, for how much it costs tourists to stay here. A night on the town, including accommodations, will set visitors back $508 in SF, according to TripAdvisor's TripIndex. NBC Bay Area breaks things down further: "$380.92 for a hotel, $24.18 for a return taxi trip, $79.98 for a dinner for two, and $22.67 for cocktails for two." Anyone who's tried to find affordable hotels and restaurants for visiting parents can commiserate that this isn't a cheap town to host people in – although if you're looking, I know you can find less expensive places to crash, eat, and drink than TripIndex uses for its averages. 

And speaking of San Francisco stats, I recently discovered Numbeo, which compiles user-contributed data to create cost of living indexes in cities around the country. San Francisco's numbers are interesting, especially when broken down into smaller things like grocery staples and a pair of jeans. Granted, for every cheap Mission market there's a Bi-Rite, and for every Levi's, there's a Goodwill, but generally the numbers seemed about right, especially the pie chart at the bottom showing that rent is the biggest hit to our bank accounts, comprising 48.7% of our expenses. 

But hey, if we're not the cheapest city in the nation for locals or visitors, at least we're the coolest, right? 

[Via NBC Bay Area, Curbed, photo by Sierra Hartman]

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