Photographer Thierry Cohen's art project, "Villes Éteintes" or "Darkened Cities" shows the stars and celestial beauty that normally can't be seen because of light and atmospheric pollution in major cities. Cohen captured these magical images by photographing cities around the world and taking special care to document the time, angle, latitude, and longitude of his photographs. 

Cohen was careful to record the exact time and geographic coordinates of his cityscapes so that he could follow the same stars as they moved around the globe and photograph them in more ideal conditions with less light, like at the Sahara Desert.

After photographing city skylines and their corresponding skies, Cohen was able to match up the photos in beautiful composite images. 

According to Trendingly, Cohen's work asks viewers to consider what we might be missing out on by obscuring the visibility of stars and whether urban population growth world-wide is causing us harm by separating us from the natural world.

Regardless of your political or spiritual views on urbanization, these photos act as surprising glimpses of a world we'd likely never see otherwise. You can view more photos by Thierry Cohen here.

Via: Trendingly