Living in San Francisco can be overwhelming and stressful. Working crazy hours to afford the astronomical rent makes it hard to find time to unwind, let alone actually go on vacation, so we make due with what we have. Ingrid Vierne and Babette Auvray-Pagnozzi understand this all too well, and have come up with an idea that may help de-stress our lives. By fall of 2014, these friends and business partners hope to open the first hammock cafe in the United States (there are already ones in Japan, of course) in the Mission district.


Aside from comfy hammocks, the Paresse Cafe will serve salads, cold-pressed juices, and cocktails made from organic, sustainably grown fruits and vegetables from local farms. They will also offer massage events with therapists from San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork, aquariums, live music, art, cooking and food workshops, and a lot more. 

As for the hammocks, there'll be a lot of them. Most of these swings will be made in the US, although there will be a special heart-shaped one from Mexico – perhaps a perfect perch for a cozy date? 

Paresse Cafe is currently raising funds to make the hammock cafe a reality via a Indiegogo campaign. I'm all for it; we definitely need more places where it's ok for adults to play on swings.

[Via: SF Weekly; image via Thinkstock]