Do you use the paper toilet seat cover and sit, or do you use your thigh muscles and hover over public toilet seats? And which method is more sanitary? AsapSCIENCE made this video to answer the question. 

If you're too lazy to watch the clip, here are the important takeaways:

  • The typical household cutting board has 200 times more fecal matter on it than a public toilet seat (Wait WHAT?! What are you people eating?)
  • There's 200,000 times more bacteria on the average dish sponge than a public toilet seat. You should probably stop wiping your butt with that sponge.
  • If the public toilet looks clean, it's generally OK to sit rather than hover. Just don't eat off of it.
  • If you don't have an open wound, compromised immune system, and there isn't a sharp object on the toilet (watch out for those razor blades), even the grossest of the gross will not get into your body.
  • Toilet seat covers aren't doing much good in protecting you from whatever is all around a public bathroom. In fact, the toilet paper or seat cover you're touching probably has bacteria on it too. And this is why I really hate when people brush their teeth in public bathrooms. You're getting other people's aerosolized poo particles in your mouth! 

[Via: Laughing Squid]

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