If you've ever wanted to explore aimlessly inside a Painted Lady, and also be able to buy anything you can see, now's your chance!

722 Steiner is having a gigantic, four story estate sale right now. If you're going to get super technical about it, it's NOT one of the six pointy topped ones, but the green mansion next door to them on the corner of Grove and Steiner. Matthew Kavanaugh (who built the other six Ladies) lived there while he developed the insanely famous block of houses back in 1892.

As far as estate sales go, it's pretty intense. The house is gorgeous and huge and a little weird (there's a teeny, open bathroom just chilling at the top of the stairs coming up from the garage). Every room is filled with art, furniture, photography equipment, and 40 years worth of collected knick knacks. Anything not marked final sale is 25% off, but prices are already estate-sale-level-low.

Go. It's worth it, even if just for the unsupervised, voyeuristic tour. It's happening until 5p.m. today and then again tomorrow (Sunday) from 10-5. 

More info here.

Hero photo by Adam Fagen.