The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most popular spots for SF tourists, and unfortunately, for people who've decided to end their lives. According to the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District, in 2013, 46 people committed suicide on the iconic landmark, which is up from the annual average. On Friday, June 27, bridge officials will meet to decide on whether to install a net on the bridge to catch jumpers. The Golden Gate Bridge Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project would cost about $76 million. 

KTVU reports that the net would be made from stainless steel wire and will jut 20 feet out and 20 feet below the pedestrian sidewalk. People who fall into the net will plummet about two stories into the net. They will probably still be injured, but will likely not die from the fall. The net will be visible from certain vista points on the bridge, which has some people worried about how it will affect the aesthetics of the bridge we all know and love. Others think that a net won't prevent suicidal people from killing themselves in some other manner. But people who support the safety net, including The Bridge Rail Foundation, say that restricting access will definitely save lives and prevent attempts.

If approved, the Suicide Deterrent System Project would start construction at the end of the year and take about three years to build. 

[Via: KTVU; image via Thinkstock]