Someone in Berkeley – of course – is selling a family of anatomically correct dolls (with carrying case!) for $200. No, they're not sex toys and they're not even meant to be toys at all. As the Craigslist ad explains, these "Teach-a-Bodies" dolls are made to "help professionals communicate more effectively with children and adolescents about male and female anatomy and sexually related matters."  

The family of "like new" dolls are not only anatomically correct but ethnically neutral – "a medium skin tone, that works well with all races," says the seller. 

I know these aren't meant to be toys, but oh man, if I had these dolls as a kid it would've help explain a lot that I had to figure out by (secretly) watching R-rated movies and tiny snippets of unscrambled cable porn. I mean, how many years of my childhood did I spend thinking Barbie and Ken's nipple-less chests and hairless, plastic pubic areas were what adult bodies looked like (or should look like)?

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