The Obamas have to be the coolest (and sharpest) presidential family in recent history, so it makes sense that 15-year-old Malia would be considering the Bay Area's hubs for smart, liberal kids on her tour of prospective colleges. Matier and Ross reported on SF Gate this morning that Obama's eldest was seen at two local schools, Stanford and Berkeley, doing casual campus tours with friends. Cal was apparently mum about the tour, but M&R's source said, "She made it clear Berkeley compared very favorably with Stanford."

Considering how many Cal Bears we have on staff and freelancing for The Bold Italic, I stand in support of Malia's interest in our local higher education establishments. But since my alma mater is also nearby, I should make a plea for UC Santa Cruz. I mean, who doesn't want to go to college in the redwoods, among all the other Banana Slugs? 

[Via SFGate; image via Thinkstock]

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