Say what you will about Uber, but the company knows how to pull a publicity stunt. From delivering kittens to helping sloppy Pride hookups become something permanent, the rideshare company is working hard to get into San Francisco's good graces. The company announced today that it will be offering "on-demand weddings" because ... well, why wait a year to plan things when you can get hitched at the height of San Francisco's major party weekend. 

This Saturday, between noon and 6 p.m., Uber will be performing a select number of weddings. They just need you to get your documents in order, choose UberWEDDING on the app and drop a pin where you'd like your "ceremony," have your vows in order or, you know, use some of Uber's pre-made varieties, and plan for a good 45-60 minutes to bask in the glory of being wed. 

And what happens during that magical hour? Uber explains, "You’ll first work with our on-site notary to obtain your marriage license. Once the license is official, the violinist will begin to play and the ceremony will commence! You’ll walk down an aisle surrounded by flowers from Bloom That and candles from bella j. After you both say 'I Do,' we’ll celebrate with dessert from SusieCakes, cheers with champagne from Iron Horse and you’ll receive a gift bag from L."

The best part of this, though, and the part where I'll refrain from the sarcasm, is a FREE honeymoon. The company doesn't say where you'll be headed, only that they're partnering with Hotel Tonight and Alaska Airlines to help you get there. 

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