Startup Neighbor Note War Plays out in an Elevator

Jun 27 at 8am

As we all live in such close quarters in this city, l feel for anyone who constantly has to (over)hear about their neighbor's big cash wads in a courtyard that could otherwise be a nice place to contemplate the way weeds push through concrete in silence. I wonder if it's worse than the motorcycles my neighbors rev for a good ten minutes before they ride them, or the cooks below my bedroom who bang pans and dump bottles outside until 2 a.m. This little passive aggressive elevator note war between two people (along with a third party, offering a pencil fist pump with "Crush it! Fuck This Guy") is a humorous balm on what can be an inflamed topic in this city. It's your classic pissed-off neighbor note, with a very San Francisco spin. 

[Via @shaybloch; Reddit]

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