Making changes to the way San Franciscans park can be dicey. Just look at the Sunday parking enforcement debacle. (Tl;dr: you don't have to pay for Sunday parking anymore starting tomorrow.) That's why I find it a little surprising that SFpark's pilot program actually has some good news to report. According to Curbed, the three-year-old program which was tasked with making parking in the city's busier areas easier, has released an evaluation showing that parking conditions are improving.

The SFpark pilot program included adding parking meters that accepted credit and debit payments as well as payment by phone and demand-responsive price adjustments. The program, which ends its pilot phase this year, also includes an app that tells drivers real-time parking rates. The recent evaluation revealed that the average parking meter fare has gone down slightly from $2.69 to $2.58 and the amount of parking tickets issued went down 26%. 

Saving money is nice and all, but what I find really encouraging is that the amount of time most people reported it took them to find a space decreased by 43% in participating areas. Hurray for saving time and money! Want to know more? See the full SFpark report here.

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