The people behind Black Rock City recently announced that they will experiment with a 10-day Burning Man festival this year. The reason: traffic. SFist reported "The traditional Monday-to-Monday structure is being altered this year as part of a one-year experiment to see if this eases the traffic in and out of the gates." The gates to the Playa will open at 10 a.m. on Sunday, August 24 and close at noon on Tuesday, September 2.

Everyone who doesn't attend Burning Man comes to know that last week of August as one of the best times to hang out in San Francisco – streets are less crowded and all the places that are usually crazy crowded are surprisingly empty. So am I happy to hear the news about a 10-day BM? Oh hell yes; now I just have to plan what I'm going to do with those two extra days of an extra-spacious SF.

[Via: SFist; photo by foxgrrl via Flickr]

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