Bought a car recently? Did the experience totally suck? I knew it. Maybe it’s just me, but spending days looking for the right car, haggling over prices with overzealous sales people, and finally, falling asleep over paperwork isn’t my idea of a good time. Luckily, Beepi, a new online marketplace, based in Los Altos, has tasked itself with helping those looking to buy or sell a car get their groove back.

If you’re one of those fun-sucking used car salesmen, you should be freaking out right now because Beepi is a new way to do the whole buying or selling a car thing. Their team helps you get or give up a solid car for a great price without the hassle of doing it the old way because contrary to popular hipster belief, not everything old is cool.

The super smart, friendly, innovative people at Beepi are big fans of transparency and their way of selling has no paperwork to confuse you, uncomfortable negotiating, or test drives. There are simply detailed car inspections and fair prices that are higher for sellers and lower for buyers. I know that sounded like math, but stick with me here.

Beepi’s founders started their company because they experienced first hand how horrible and unfriendly the car buying industry can be. While studying at MIT, Ale Resnik and his wife went to a dealership and bought a used Jeep only to have it break down and spew smoke a few days later. Four months and a lame lawsuit later, the idea for an alternative and superior way to buy and sell cars was born. 

Buy your next car 100% online

You can simply browse for cars and when you find one you like, you can pay online just like you would for shoes or a stethoscope. (I buy a lot of stethoscopes.) Compare that to the hours spent drinking bad coffee and financing a car with a salesmen. You can now rest easy knowing that you’re buying a car that has been thoroughly vetted by people you can trust. Beepi even allows you to pay with up to six credit cards. Hello reward points! Additionally, Beepi offers customers pre-approval for loans and financing from one of its financing partners at check-out. And if you’re not in the bay, Beepi will still deliver your car to you anywhere in California and it’ll even have a giant bow on top!

All the cars also come with a ten-day money back guarantee. If you have a change of heart, you can return the car to Beepi no questions asked (but you probably won’t want to). And you know how buying a car usually includes a trip to the dreaded DMV? Beepi takes care of that automatically so all you have to worry about when you’re car arrives, is where to drive it first. I vote In-N-Out.

Sell in 30 days or less. Guaranteed!

You start by telling Beepi some basic info about your car like model, year, astrological sign, you know, the usual and if you qualify, Beepi will give you a quote immediately that’s guaranteed to be at least $1000 more than any dealership. After you’re approved and quoted, all you have to do is schedule an inspection with a trained Beepi inspection specialist. 

Expert Beepi inspectors or as Beepi likes to call them, “car whisperers” have all been technically trained and passed rigorous background checks. (And I’ve heard people say they look good too!) They will meet you anywhere you like to perform a 185 point inspection on your car and take snazzy photos to show potential buyers. If you’re thinking that sounds like a lot of points, it’s because it is. Other luxury brand certifications only usually include 150 points, but Beepi’s goal is to make you feel as confident as possible and to make those other certifiers think, hey, we should get some more points.

You’ll recognize your Beepi Specialist because they’ll be the ones driving a Beepi car, wearing a Beepi uniform, and saying, “Hey! I’m your Beepi mechanic.” The inspections usually take about two hours and you’re welcome to stay with the inspector. Inspectors have put people at ease so much that one customer even took a nap in the back seat. After your car passes its inspection (and you wake from your nap?), Beepi will make it available to all the people who want to buy it. Beepi even guarantees to sell your car in 30 days or they’ll buy it themselves since they’ve already checked that you’re selling a great car. During this time, you can drive your car as much as you like, even if it’s just around the block to say goodbye.

Beepi guarantees its sellers that their cars will sell for more than what their trade-in value would be. The Beepi team also guarantees that buyers will end up paying less than the advertised prices elsewhere. AND buyers end up paying even less than the average final sale prices after negotiation but they won’t awkwardly haggle with you. They’re cool that way. Oh and if value really gets you going, you’ll be excited to hear that anyone who sells their car with Beepi, gets a $600 coupon to buy their next car with them too. 

So there you have it. Forget walking into a car lot with your guard way up and stressing over whether or not you can land on a good price. In fact, it’s great news for women who are less likely to negotiate and therefor pay more. Yay fairness! With Beepi, fair prices and trust are built right in. Sorry to those of you who like the bad coffee, the vending machine food, and this guy, buying and selling cars is about to change in a fantastic way.