Do you avoid Powell BART at all costs, like it was full of atonal buskers who are also leafleting for Cindy Sheehan? Or are you like many other Bay Area folk, condemned to navigate the escalators twice daily at this most tourist-clogged transit station, the one with the depressing Brutalist subterranean pavilion and the bad drainage?

Well, good! Because BART wants your opinion on what to do about it. However you feel about Powell station, consider practicing some fine civics by participating in this survey on how best to fix Downtown San Francisco’s third busiest station. BART wants to know if they should raise the barriers so fare-jumpers can’t get on, install more art, improve wi-fi, create another exit near Payless Shoes, “support new retail opportunities within the station,” and/or put in a better floor.

You can even weigh in on four aesthetic visions for a new ceiling. (None of them is especially mind-blowing, but I’m kind of partial to #2, seen above, on the grounds that it might age nicely). BART met this morning for the second time this week to talk Powell, and since it’s not always the most transparent of agencies, it was a great opportunity for public input.  

If you missed yesterday and today's meeting, you can still give your input. The survey must be filled out by July 7, which happens to be a Monday after a three-day weekend, so do it now. It takes five minutes, maybe less if the very thought of Powell BART makes you mad. Channel that anger! Always remember who shouts the loudest against worthy transit proposals without your voice!

[Via: SFist; image by telmo via Flickr]

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