Even construction workers are getting in on San Francisco’s upscale building boom. This photo, posted on Reddit Monday, shows a porta-potty with ornate wooden trim, and a Victorian-style door with gold decorations. Now that is one swanky crapper. 

The poster, who uses the name knowledgereport, said he took the photo in Russian Hill, on Filbert Street between Polk and Larkin. He told us nice porta-potties are a fixture in the area but that this is the best one he’s seen by far. One person in the comments section said it was part of an informal contest among contractors to have the sweetest on-site accommodations. Someone else said it probably “still smells like shit inside.” 

But our favorite comment was: “Someone is probably living in that for $1,500 a month.”

Maybe we should see if it’s on Craigslist. 

[h/t: SF Weekly; photo via Reddit]

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