If you're a hot "pool boy type" with expert grape-feeding skills (aka: precision dangling), CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR for July 26th, because boy, do these ladies have an opportunity for you.

A group of bachelorettes are looking for a sexy "manservant" to join them on a full day trip to Sonoma. The gig pays $500 (or roughly $62.50 an hour) and your list of duties includes, you know, typical servant stuff, like taking Instagram photos, lighting cigarettes, fanning the women, and playing the piano. 

Interested? Now before you start unzipping your pants and reaching for your phone, read the fine print! Dick pics will NOT help your chances here. I repeat, NO NUDITY WILL BE PERMITTED. Which, really, a Craigslist response without dick pics is like a night without stars. 

Take a look:

Very curious what the "training session" entails, but more so, the idea that an entire group of people believe it wouldn't be awkward having this one half-naked stranger tagging along in wine country is boggling. I also love the thought that this has potential to be an ongoing gig. Because really, once you find a fit and trusty servant who is not a sexual offender, you hold onto him.

Shout-out to T.T. for the tip, and as always, send your noteworthy Craigslist finds to tips@thebolditalic.com.

Muscular Young Sexy Nude Man photo from Shutterstock.